Prop J and Prop K

combine to guarantee funding for two of

San Francisco

's most important priorities: addressing our homelessness crisis and fixing roads and transit.

Here some of what

Proposition J and Proposition K

will do:
  • Help homeless children and families stay together by providing a guaranteed place to stay, rather than having to move around to find shelter on the streets.

  • Address the root causes of homelessness by not only providing housing, but supportive services to address mental health and substance abuse as well.

  • Fund at least two new homeless Navigation Centers to transition homeless residents from the streets to permanent supportive housing and a more stable life.
  • Make it safer to walk, bike, drive or take transit around the City by funding safety improvements such as better bike lanes, new crosswalks, and pedestrian countdown signals.

  • Fund more BART and Muni trains to make moving around San Francisco easier and less crowded, and includes funds to keep fares low for low-income families, youth, seniors and people with disabilities.

  • Significantly expand road paving and pothole repair.
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Examiner endorses Yes on Prop. J and Prop. K

In this case [...] the sales tax hike, Proposition K, and the spending mandate, Proposition J, which sets aside annually $100 million for transportation and $50 million for homelessness, is a worthy investment in two of the most pressing needs of our city.

San Francisco Chronicle Endorses Props J & K

"...local voters mustn’t skip past these two choices. Vote Yes on Props. J and K."