Propositions J and K

combine to guarantee funding for the City’s homelessness and transportation priorities.
Proposition J

Propositions J and K will help homeless children and families stay together by providing a guaranteed place to stay, rather than having to move around to find shelter on the streets. They will also combine to address the root causes of homelessness by not only providing housing, but supportive services to address mental health and substance abuse as well. That includes at least two new Navigation Centers.

Proposition K

Props J and K will make it safer to walk, bike, drive or take transit around the City by funding safety improvements such as better bike lanes, new crosswalks, pedestrian countdown signals, and a significant expansion of road paving and pothole repair. The measures will also fund more BART and Muni trains to make moving around San Francisco easier and less crowded, and includes funds to keep fares low for low-income families, youth, seniors and people with disabilities.


Proposition J

Proposition J ensures that funds raised by Prop K would put a quarter-cent toward homeless services and a half-cent toward transportation system improvements. In the first full year, those amounts are expected to be $47.75 million and $95.5 million, respectively.

The budget set-asides created by this charter amendment would sunset in June 2041.

Proposition K

Proposition K would increase San Francisco’s sales tax by three-quarters of a cent (0.75 percent). Because a quarter-cent of the state sales tax will expire January 1, 2017 the actual sales tax rate would change from 8.75 percent currently to 9.25 percent under this proposal – on par with Oakland.

The Homeless Housing and Services Fund created by Prop J would fund programs to prevent homelessness, create exits from homelessness and move homeless individuals into more stable situations via Navigation Centers.

The Transportation Improvement Fund created by Prop J would fund operating and capital transit expenses, street paving, and bicycle and pedestrian improvements. Funding for transportation system improvements would be allocated to the SFMTA, the San Francisco County Transportation Authority and the San Francisco Department of Public Works, by expenditure type.

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Examiner endorses Yes on Prop. J and Prop. K

In this case [...] the sales tax hike, Proposition K, and the spending mandate, Proposition J, which sets aside annually $100 million for transportation and $50 million for homelessness, is a worthy investment in two of the most pressing needs of our city.

San Francisco Chronicle Endorses Props J & K

"...local voters mustn’t skip past these two choices. Vote Yes on Props. J and K."